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Disable deep freeze 7 without password

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OK I read many articles about disabling deep freeze ( series 7 on mine) and uninstall it without knowing the unlock password.

Here are the steps :
1. Make the system date (computer date) 10 years before or ahead.
2. boot the pc / notebook, but press F8 immediately for entering safe mode
3. In the safe mode function, we can kill the deep freeze proccess.  Enter to task manager by pressing, ctrl+alt+del then choose task manager. Click on Processes tab. Find these process : DFServ and FrzState2K.exe. End those process.
4. Erase all folder in C:\Program Files\Faronics
5. Open Registry Editor, by typing regedit in start menu. Delete all folder Faronics in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\
6.Restart the computer

Don’t forget to change the date to today”s date. You should have the computer without the deepfreeze now.

installing zoneminder 1.29 in ubuntu 14.04 server x86_64

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first step

second, moving the recording partition


see how the ip camera setting with zoneminder

fourth, set the filter for automatic deletion

fifth, set the timer when to record and stop

using crontab

A Holy project is about to start

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God gave me an idea, creating apps that connect everyone in church so their spirituality needs will be met. Further more the evangelism spreads out.

The tool we need to develop is android os in handphone and tablet. Because this gadget is owned by 99% peoples right now. Not young not old. If we use this gadget for the glory of God, why not?

First, how I make the big picture of the idea and apply it to work scenarios.

Hello World….

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Yes, this post always be the one when we create wordpress site. So yes this is my first post here. After a terribly broke, don’t have any money situation, finally God gives me an enough situation.. And I decide to have a brand new legacy for the world through this new site.

I have decided that this small blog should contain lots with my mind stuff, my learning experience, of course still with open source, my family maybe something that I should share here, about job, about trending topic. And many more.

So let’s we start, or Let’s me start…

mlabel – make msdos volume label

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Mlabel is a program to rename a flash disk or removable disk into readable one. Like “My Flash”.
We do that easily in windows but I have not ye find it in linux.

Here are two ways I discovered in google using mlabel in linux terminal. (do all in root – use sudo in ubuntu or debian).

Once the flash disk in the usb port, it will automatically mount to something like /media/usb or /media/theoldname, umount it

#umount /media/theoldname

Check the flash /dev name :

#fdisk -l

Usually the result is /dev/sdb1 or /dev/sdc1, then rename it.

#mlabel -i /dev/sdb1 ::thenewname


edit and find out  /etc/mtools.conf to the label z: /dev/sdb1 (this refer to the plug in flash) then

For displaying the current label $mlabel -s c:

To change the label $mlabel c:”newlabel”

That’s it

bluetooth in slackware 13.1

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It’s already there. The program in slackware.

Plug the device, the blueman-service will start. And we can use it right away.

But I got problem here. The blueman-service didn’t executed.

scanning device remote through terminal
#hcitool scan

So make sure /etc/rc.d/rc.bluetooth is executable.
chmod +x /etc/rc.d/rc.bluetooth

Pair the device through the handphone first. then the pc. now i can send the file from nokia to my pc, but not everytime the error message most of the time were come out. Here is the message in dmesg : hci0 command tx timeout.

In my case, I have to put the handphone inline with the bluetooth adapter.
Give it a try.

Manage Formula in Open Office

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Sometime I m using lots of formulas in my open office file. Especially in spreadsheet. But i don’t know why it doesn’t work out sometime. Some guy in a forum said it is some kind of bug but in another forum wrote about changing the option in the tool.

I believe the second one is most reliable. Like today, I m using countif(range;criteria) in my calc file.
That’s mean I want to count how many data that contains the word Guru in front of each text.

It returns zero or nothing. But the data show that at least 30 row of data containing Guru.

Then I go to Tools Option – Calc – Calculate.
Check list the option Search Criteria = and <> must apply to whole cells and Enable regular expressions in formulae

That’s two option gonna make my countif formulae worked.

virtualbox engine accessing to usb

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Since the beginning that I knew virtualbox, I wonder how this engine access to my usb stick directly without moving the content to the host first. Actually there is a way how we can do that.

First, add the user to vboxusers group. Use kuser or nano /etc/group in the terminal.
Now open the virtualbox, click usb in the setting area. But don’t run the virtual machine yet. Set the  necessary setting in the usb dialog box, then save.

Now start the virtual machine, you will find the usb in the drive section.
I do this to windows virtual machine.

lock ubuntu screen from terminal

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For locking the screen in ubuntu we don’t have to wait the screensaver to active, I prefer to activate manually, even I have to open the terminal windows first. I feel much better to control the locking.

here is the command
#gnome-screensaver-command –lock

source : here.