Apt-get Stuck at Waiting for Header

sources : https://askubuntu.com/questions/156650/apt-get-update-very-slow-stuck-at-waiting-for-headers For the record I’m using ubuntu xenial or 16-04 LTS, inside Backbox OS. Well, I don’t know when it started to begin poping up the message. But today when I did apt-get to install or just to update. The process went error. Stuck at Waiting for Header….


Iptables is a very handy program to arrange the incoming and outgoing traffic in a linux computer system. The advantages are wide. To allow some program/port, or block the connection from client in server environment. Or just block any incoming traffic in your computer. Examples : Sharing internet connection between…

Point Of Sales – Laravel Livewire

Point Of Sales – Laravel Livewire

Sumber belajar : Channel Tahu Coding Install laravel (source : laravel.com) dengan composer lebih enak untuk saya. composer create-project laravel/laravel namafolderapps composer require laravel/ui php artisan ui bootstrap php artisan ui bootstrap –auth npm install && npm run dev (install node.js dulu secara terpisah composer require livewire/livewire Edit di laravel…


Debian Setup Server DHCP

Steps I follow from google : The first step is to make sure the lan card that the dhcp service is serve is sharing its connection. Wait until everything is finished. I just found out that the dhcpd is no longer popular in latest ubuntu server. They are using isc-dhcp-server….

Error xterm-256color di Terminal

Keanehan terjadi ketika saya me-remote terminal server lama IBM Pentium III. Ada pesan error yang muncul. Seperti itu pesannya. Alhasil ketika me-running program seperti nano, ia menolak. Usut punya usut ternyata terjadi kekurangan dependencies. Yang anehnya beberapa minggu lalu tidak terjadi seperti ini. Lupa sih kapan tepatnya mulai terjadi. Menurut…

at command

source : tecadmin. “at” command is one of the useful tool in console linux. It works as a timer to run a script/ apps. In my case, I always use it as an auto run apps to the certain time. Let’s say that I want to change some system setting…

Python3 Create sha256 from Input Text

Python3 script to receive input text and change it to sha256 hashing text. Usually we can use it to create password and store it in database. A note for hexdigest() command, it means that the hash_object is printed in hex/ printable letter format. Otherwise it will result like this “<sha256…

Ansible Installation & Modules

Ansible is RedHat automation tools that we can create a list of command to manipulate machine such as cisco switch. I am using Ubuntu 20.04 and here is the list of command that we need, in order to practice in cisco devnet program. That’s enough to run the basic ansible…

Git Commands

Git is useful command in writing program and we want to preserve the working earlier codes while testing a new change. And these are the command I learnt.

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