I am me.
You can find me in whatsapp or line or telegram from 0T1BA00QR10T. This is code. Can you figure it out?

Below is one of my work. Long term work. The vision.

Maybe I am one of the visionary man. But always hard to make it happen. Too many things cross my mind on the journey. But I try hard to make it happen.

I wrote about my learning experiences in this blog, so I can remember what I did and make me remember all the lesson I made.

The posts maybe random in topic but I wrote them according to what came up in my learning process. Maybe someday I will write some tutorial in nice order.

27 Februari 2021

I am learning at Cisco in a program called Devnet Associate 1. It is free. So thanks to Cisco.com academy. And my lecturer said that is the first program in Indonesia.