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ubuntu appears in windows network – samba

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well for the couple week i try ubuntu in my compie, nice installation, very easy like winni. when its complete i try to find out how this ubuntu can be shared into the network. one article in ubuntu-forum said that i should activate samba. so i did. not very hard thou. type this to edit samba configuration:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

then search (‘Strg+W’ in nano) for this line:security “user” and change it into security “share”

then add the following line to the [global] section

client NTLMv2 auth = yes

then restart your samba

sudo /etc/init.d/smb.conf restart

try it, now your ubuntu appears in windows network. ow yeas dont forget. u must enter to administration setting – network and set the group network thru GUI into your desire network.
it works for me

Computer port’s

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well i try to create a firewall or a simple filter upon the D-Link DI-704P.
so i try to block all the port except that i list below, accesing internet.
this is a normal port
1. port 80 , 8080, 3128 ( web, proxy)
2. Port 21 port Ftp
3. Port 23 Port Telnet
4. Port 22 Port ssh
5. port 6667 port Chat Mirc
6. port 5050 port Yahooo mesengger

ports other than the list above could be use by viruses or softwares.

but these are the complete list that i got from www.iana.org