install igos linux through xp sp2 – edit grub

i thought i could install slackware on the laptop but something wrong with the cd so i tried igos linux and it worked. i read in the booting log and it written the linux based on red hat nash version 5.0.32.
well dont really care about that, i continue installing the os. then i want to configure the grub, since the os using grub for boot manager (bm).
so quite easy to edit them coz it really looks like debian linux. i just edit the grub then automatically install into the boot loader. different with lilo, that needs to re-start to load in to the boot loader.
so what i want is to change the name of XP os that written Other and use the default boot to it. instead of igos as default.
here what i do :
i try to find the grub configuration in /boot/grub and yes there is.
i copy the menu.lst file into menu.lst.old

#cp menu.lst menu.lst.old #just in case something happen i still have the original file

then i m using nano to edit it.

#nano /etc/grub/menu.lst

i change the title i want and the default to numer = 1 or 2 depends on how many your os are.

and i save it by pressing ^O and the ^X to exit.

then init 6 to restart the linux. and there the boot loader change.

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