install nvidia mx4000 geforce4 driver to slackware 12.1

i got the nvidia driver package from for my nvidia geforce4 mx4000. i think nvidia gave me the same driver from several graphic models. the package called
From the other site i got the info that run type file is a original group of file that still need to compile on linux. So I try to search other clue bout how to compile them. Then i found one in walecha site (this is the person who wrote the info). Here’re the clue i try to run:

# i put the on my home folder /root/home
# make sure you log on as root and initlevel 3
#tar -xvzf #unzip the package and produce Nvidia-xconfig folder
#./configure –opsi1 #didnt work, it was for knowing the script configuration
#make #making something i dont understand
#strip –strip-unneeded -v /usr/lib/*.so
#strip –strip-debug -v /usr/lib/*.a
#makepkg Nvidia-Linux-x86-96.43.05-pkg1.tgz
#installpkg Nvidia-Linux-x86-96.43.05-pkg1.tgz
#startx #to test the x-windows

but the test said nvidia driver not found. i dont know whats going on yet.

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