network eth1 reconfigure

i have two lan card on my pc. one is onboard and the other is on pci.
i use the pci since my onboard card seem stupidly not working.
so linux will identify them as eth0 and eth1.
so my pci lay on eth1 while the eth0 is for the onboard one.
in the installation procedure i already put the ip and mask address of my lan pc configuration. but the eth1 seems undetected.
when i went to kde, i try to reconfigure the network from the setting menu. but the eth0 or eth1 looked disable. i pressed the enable button, but nothing happen.
then i read again in the forum (i forgot the forum), i have to reconfigure the address by checking the ifconfig status


and yes the eth1 not detected. only eth0 and lo configuration stated. so i need to configured manually the eth1.

#nano /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf

the command is trying to write down manually the configuration of the eth1. so i wrote it down again the ip and the net. and check below the conf for the gateway. after all correct, i restart the inet.

#/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 restart

then i have my network back. after i log in to kde, i turn on the network monitor so i can see whether the net is plugged of not. and yes it is plugged in. but the internet still not working. i dont know why. but i tried to reconfigure again all the step above. restart and activate the rc.inet1.conf and boom after restarting suddenly the internet worked.
but still i dont know what was really happen.

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