problem connecting to internet in slackware because different host name

i use two system in my comp. Vista and Slackware. and using d-links router as my internet gateway through my isp. i put a computer name in vista as sugi-pc and using static ip in my router. with hope that i would be connected faster.
but the problem came in my slackware. i put all the configuration in /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1.conf with the static ip and host name as sugi-slax. but using the same domain name: mskantor.
because i set the static ip inside my router with a vista host name, my linux wont come in to the router. coz using different host name. that ‘s why i cant ping my router ip.
so i configured back the rc.inet1.conf and activated the dhcp in eth0 and eth1. since that i use 2 lan card.
i emptied the ip address number become “” only then put the DHCP with “yes”
so i restart the slax and it took sometime when getting the ip from the router. but works fine.
i can use the internet again.

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