configure lisa daemon in slackware – accessing windows network by samba n mount

i think i found some good clue here after a few week of searching in the net.
lisa is a daemon tool for browsing into the local network.
in slackware you can set the configuration in
>control centre
>internet & network
>local network browsing

then set all of you want right there.
but i found some suggestion about the configuration.. so i will try it in the next few days if it works or not.

you can edit the lisa config in /etc/lisarc
#nano /etc/lisarc
write these down
SecondWait = -1
SearchUsingNmblookup = 0
DeliverUnnamedHosts = 1
FirstWait = 30
MaxPingsAtOnce = 256
UpdatePeriod = 300
PingAddresses =;
AllowedAddresses =;
BroadcastNetwork =;

change the with your ip.
then restart your comps.

to make sure the lisa is start upon your booting, write these in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local
/usr/bin/lisa -q

or anyelse that the lisa is located

i found some other way accesing the net.
open the Konqueror
access to smb://

then the username and password appear then wala you can enter their windows directories.
if you want to mount it in your folder write these in the console
#mount -t cifs -o username=”username”,password=password //192.168.02/C /home/C

of course after you mkdir C in /home
i have read somewhere how to mount it in the fstab permanently but i forget for now. i write it down here if i found it again.

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