create menu in gnome

this is how to create menu in gnome
if the application that you compiled only run in terminal. but you want to access it from the menu. or desktop.
as root go to /usr/share/applications
you will see lots of file ending with .desktop that is mean that is the definition file for the menu.
create one file for your apps
#touch /usr/share/applications/hangman.desktop #for example
#nano /usr/share/applications/hangman.desktop

write these down
[Desktop Entry] #this line is the same for all setting
Version=1.0 #this line is the same for all setting
Exec=Hangman #or fill with full path
Icon=/usr/local/share/hangman/pics/sg_icon.png #find the icon in png or xpm
Terminal=false #false = no terminal true=with terminal
Name=Hangman 0.9.2 #put anything u like
Comment=Permainan Hangman #put anything u like
Type=Application #this is a must for application
Categories=GNOME;GTK;Application;Game; #GNOME;GTK is a must, see the list below

the list code for categories
Accessories –> Utility;
Edutainment –> Education;
Games –> Game;
Graphics –> Graphics;
Internet –> Network;
Office –> Office;
Programming –> Development;
Sound & Video –>AudioVideo;
System Tools –> System;
Others –> Other;

but you know, i still curious. how i can create the menu for another applicaton or edutainment and else. i will find out later.

there is some program called smeg or alacarte. try to run it. but cannot figure it out how to use it.

for note if you messed up with your panel like i did (hehe i delete the panel) and you want to restore the panel to the beginning do these

#cd /home/yourusername/.gconf/apps
#rm -r panel
#init 6

after you log back in, you will see your original panel

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