ubuntu feisty – sdl and x11 – no video device

well actually it has the simplest solving way. but i cant see it in the first place. u see i try to running some game that need some SDL. so i already install the SDL. it worked fine.
But when running the game, there was an error message said : no video device found.

the solution is re configure the SDL. by uninstalling it these way
go to the SDL source directory for example /usr/local/src
#make clean
#make distclean

then download from repo the xorg-dev and other stuff. but xorg-dev is the most important.
then install back the SDL.

run the game, and it work fine.

I read this solution for www.libsdl.org that the sdl need some x11 driver installed first before installing the SDL.
so xorg-dev is the solution devel for the driver.
now i know devel is for completing all the driver need for linux.

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