smbfs mount network drive

hmh finnally i can browse vista direktori with my ubuntu.
i failed on my first attempt. i thought i would give up on that and said that i will use my flash instead to move files.
but after installing smbfs from the repo… i did it weeks ago thoug..
i wrote the command in fstab with lack of written command.

here is what i wrote before manually
mount -t cifs -o username=nama,password=pass // /mnt/dir

but that was wrong, here what i should write
mount -t smbfs -o username=nama,password=pass,UID=ubuntuusername //xxx-pc/dir /mnt/dir

and finally it’s work.
pay attention to the line UID that what i missed before
after i use smbfs i dont have to use address on identifyng the net drive. enough with the pc name.
but remember the drive that the vista will easily accessed is the one that already shared.

finally if i want to mount them automatically during start up.. this what i wrote in the fstab
//xxxx-pc/dir /mnt/dir smbfs credentials=/home/userdir/.passfile,UID=ubuntuuser,g 0 0

look to .passfile … that is mean i created .passfile file contain the following

i put the dot in front of the file means the file is hidden
then dont forget to change the mod of the file to root executable only with
#chmod 600 .passfile

you can create a static link so it will be easy to access it in another dir
for example you already inside the home dir
home@pc/home/pc#ln -s /mnt/dir name

there you go will have a name link. if you do cd or ls it will work.

thanks to that i got this info

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