remote desktop ubuntu and windows

wow i think i m making good improvement now. i dont have to switch my monitor again into the 2nd cpu you know. after successing with the remote desktop between windows that i found out quite easy.. now i tried to do it with ubuntu and windows.
or ubuntu to ubuntu.

the easiest one is between ubuntu to ubuntu.
first you have to set the remote desktop menu in System > Preference menu in your ubuntu into accessible. put the password if necessary.

and in the host cpu type this
#vncviewer 192.168.0.XXX:0

well i have not try it yet cos i dont have other ubuntu machine running at this moment.

now from windows to ubuntu
first download the free realvnc program version 4.1.1, install it.
run the vnc viewer program
type the ip address of your remote ubuntu then fill the password if any
then you will have your ubuntu inside your windows.
you will get full control if you defined it under ubuntu in the remote desktop menu.

well i would like to try ubuntu to windows with the vnc server running on windows but i will try it tomorrow.

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