ubuntu 7.04 n 8.04 $home dmrc error

i dont know about this bug before. so i try to force it but resulting in grub error.
but this is the solution i found in rudikismo.wordpress.com
it’s about 7.04
Windows pop up “$HOME/.dmrc Error Message“ appear when Ubuntu 7.04 restarted. To solve the problem, you should open a terminal ( Application -> Accessories -> Terminal), then type:
sudo chown –R [username] /home/[username]
sudo chmod –R 755 /home/[username]
sudo chown [username] $HOME/.dmrc
sudo chmod 644 $home/.dmrc
Restart machine, the error popup will be disappear.

but now i fount out happening to 8.04 too, this is what i do according to someone’s else blog
sudo chown -R [username] /home/[username]
sudo chgrp -R [username] /home/[username]
sudo chown -R 700 /home/[username]
sudo chown [username] $HOME/.dmrc
sudo chmod 644 $HOME/.dmrc

restart and works fine

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