fix the grub damage

my server computer had jendela reinstalled by my teacher so the grub that already there was missing. but linux still there in the different partition. but i got confuse about adding linux line in boot.ini file. so after browsing i found out that grub can reinstall by the help of linux cd installation. we use ubuntu as the OS.
so here are the step
1. boot from ubuntu linux cd
2. after enter the gui, run the console or press ctrl+f1 to change to console mode
3. enter the grub command
4. then the prompt will change to

5. find the booting partition of the linux
grub > find /boot/grub/stage1
6. it will give u a result like this
grub > (hd0,3)
that’s mean that the linux located in partition number 4 harddisk one.
7. set the target of the grub of the linux
grub > root (hd0,3)
8. setup the grub to master boot record
grub > setup (hd0)
9. grub > quit

that’s it… ussually it will succed. then reboot your ubuntu without the cd installation.
edit your grub menu.lst to add jendela in your boot menu.

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