edit x11 for vga savage driver – if not your X cannot shutdown/ restart

#nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf
u have to change some line only especially in monitor section.
Section “Device”
Identifier “S3 Graphic Prosavage”
Driver “savage”
#VideoRam 4096
# Insert Clocks lines here if appropriate

that’t line for change the Driver from vesa to savage. Linux 2.6.24-5 already has savage driver. Then
Section “Screen”
# Identifier “Screen 1”
Identifier “Screen 0”
Device “S3 Graphic Prosavage”
# Device “VESA Framebuffer”
Monitor “My Monitor”

see the change i made? u can still use identifier screen 1 if you like so , these line wont change
Section “ServerLayout”
Screen “Screen 0”

see screen 0? if you dont want to change from screen 1 that’s ok.

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