change root username and change the host name

first the easy one… change the host name
#nano /etc/hostname
change the word you find inside the file

restart the host
#/etc/init.d/host start

edit the username that u usually use
u can do it in the menu system – administration – users and group
add some user with administrator priviledged include the group and else.

or u can create in terminal (but log in as root by sudo su)
#mkdir /home/userdir (create a home user directory)
#useradd -d /home/userdir user1
#groupadd usergroup (i recomend to use the same user name for the group)

then change the owner of /home/userdir to user not the root like now and also the group
#chown user1/home/userdir
#chgrp user1/home/userdir

add password for login
#passwd user1

i think that’s all. try to logout or restart and see what’s change

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