moving your email account from root account to user account

i’ve using root as my login name for a year, but then i realize it is not secure. but i already using it for months, that’s mean my email stay in root folder. i m using kmail and thunderbird as my email. so the idea is moving the account record folder of each email client to my home/user/emailclient folder.

moving kmail.
u have to login as superuser to copy from it to ur temp directory
#cp -a /root/.kde/share/apps/kmail/mail/* /tmp/mail
of course u can change /tmp/mail by your own folder, it’s temporary anyway
change the owner of the mail folder and its content to your user
#chown -R myusername /tmp/mail
open your kmail and select File-Import Messeges, choose import kmail maildir and file structure press ok
then you will have your account with the configuration also.
actually u may uncopy the mail in your root but straightly change the owner in your root folder, but i think it will be unsafe, just in case u would like to come back using root login.

moving thunderbird
i did the same about copyng the account but with simple way. u only have to do is copy from your root to your home/myusername/.thunderbird (please see the dot in front of the thunderbird indicated the folder is hidden)
#cp -a /root/.thunderbird/* /home/myusername/.thunderbird/
#chown -R myusername /home/myusername/.thunderbird/
open your thunderbird then suddently u already have your account.

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