alt+tab in kde not working

i try to figured out why the program switching with alt+tab was not working. i try to look for the setting in control center – web behaviour and else but i couldnot find which one is the setting. then i found in linux forum that there’s a setting that i can modify in console.
the file is /home/user/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals
edit it in root priviledge.
and i can see lots of setting around there just by typing yes no Alt+Tab default and etc. actually i copied some of them from my root account that worked.
and there are lots of kdesetting in that folder that u can manage.
ow yes the setting that i changed in kdeglobals was
the origin : Walk Through Windows=Alt+F11
the change : Walk Through Windows=default(Alt+Tab)
or just =Alt+Tab
save it, log out from your X and it worked.

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