auto mount cdrom and flash usb error – HAL stuff

when i change the login from root to user, i found out that my flash wont auto mounting. the box dialog did appear but when i click ok, the konqueror displayed an error. an error about hal daemon unset. i forget what it is. but it’s seem myuserlogin has no access to the auto mount program.
so check the group of my myuserlogin in the Kuser. it’s in system menu.
after click myuserlogin then click edit (an icon above).
see groups in the dialogue box. it is clicked on user only. that’s the problem.
so i add another click to plugdev and cdrom.
restart the X and then my flash is auto mounting again.

i just read that slackware 12.2 is out and they already fix this thing. when the user created it will be automaticly add plugdev and cdrom to the user group.

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