qemu 0.9.1

in my past article i wrote about bosch as my emulator. but now i found out about how to use qemu as my emulator. and i think qemu is much better when running some iso. after installing it with the tgz, coz i download it from slacky.eu
i did these steps.
1. create an image space
#qemu-img create -f raw qemuhdd.img 1GB
-f is format, and the supported format are parallels qcow2 vvfat vpc bochs dmg cloop vmdk qcow cow host_device raw

2. running an iso’s distro
#qemu myimage.img -no-kqemu -cpu pentium3 -m 256 -cdrom /mnt/iso/iso.iso
You may change -cdrom to /dev/cdrom for cd booting.

i used -no-kqemu coz somewhere in the net said in the qemu 0.91 above the kqemu is unnecessary.
when we list qemu -cpu ? it only list the processor until pentium3. i wonder when the qemu has pentium4.
-m means memory i use. the memory cannot exceeded the /dev/shm maximum memory. you can find out with typing df -h to find out.
/dev/shm is defined in /etc/fstab as tmpfs type.
-cdrom means the iso u want to run in your emulator or u can define with the cdrom device if you have cdrom instead of iso file.
-cdrom /dev/hdc #for example.

no i m running qemu often than boschs

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