setting speedy with modem as a bridge – pppoe

one of the largest internet provider in indonesia is speedy from telkom. they use adsl. means that they still use phone line as a carier but higher speed than 52.2kbps modem.
one thing that i try to figure out is how to connect the slackware to speedy. especially by using connect button or command like in windows.
the modem i use is tp-link adsl (forgot the type), the adsl modem can be used as a router. so it is like a simple server that gives ip to each host connected to it.
but here i wont tell you how to set the modem internal setting, coz it will vary to each modem, in tp-link u can access it to through your web browser. and set the rc.inet1.conf gateway to it. and set it to dhcp or static with ip other than
so the bridge function in the internet provider is using pppoe. this command already in slackware. located in /usr/sbin directory. so run a command wizard from a konsole to set the login thing for the account.
#su #as root
follow and fill all the questions appear. pay attention to the dns questions. if u know the dns fill in. i guess if you not the setting still work.
after all done try to connect.
#pppoe-start #to connect
#pppoe-stop #to disconnect
but for general user , it’s bother if everytime you want to connect you have to take to a console, login as root and then connect. it will be easy if you have some shortcut to it as a user.
so i m goin to use one knowledge that i got when configuring shutdown command to be accessed from a user.
which is using the sudo command.
1. put your login name to a group call wheel. u can use any group but it must be defined in /etc/group
#usermod yourname -G wheel #still doin this as root
or just edit the /etc/group and add yourname into wheel line
2. edit /etc/sudoers as root also
#nano /etc/sudoers
add this line
%wheel ALL= NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/pppoe-start,/usr/sbin/pppoe-stop
that for bypassing the command for asking root password.
save and finish

all u have to do now as a user is typing
#sudo /usr/sbin/pppoe-start

creat an executable file for easy access
#nano startspeedy
type : sudo /usr/sbin/pppoe-start
save and make sure it executable by user.
if you’re not sure do this as root
#chmod u+x startspeedy

do the same for stopping command.
for easy accessing put those command in your desktop
#mv startspeedy /home/yourname/Desktop/
so next time you want to start this speedy, click in the shortcut in the desktop.

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