dbus-glib effects flash usb and other storage media reading

for weeks i try to find out how can i reset the flash usb data in slackware system, so my old flash can be read again. i assumed that the flash was error somewhere in the slackware system. then accidentally yesterday i want to install bluetooth in my pc. so i google everywhere and read something about installing bluez and dbus. i download them and compiling it and installing it. dbus was not perfectly installed but what the hell, i install dbus-glib which is required by dbus it self. but no luck. my dbus seemed no effect to the bluez program.
so i remove the dbus-glib (in tgz) and restart.
but something happened, i cant read my harddisk volume label in the konqueror. and my flash wont auto mount again. but it worked if i mounted it manually. then i suspected the dbus caused this. coz i read the messege while bootted, that dbus-glib-so.1 or something like this was missing.
so i re-installed the dbus-glib and everything worked back normally. including my old flash is being read again.
maybe next time i have some error in flash, i will update the dbus-glib or re-install it. hope that will work.

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