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Accidentally a few weeks ago I found this website. I was quite suprise because I just found an Indonesian web site review. All I know before this kind of site always belongs to foreigner. So today I try to take a look inside. What really this site is about?

adreviewcampIn the main page you will find an empty space on top left indicated that you are invited to place an advertizing in this site. You will find another button on the right top and it written advertizers. Basically the site is intend to promote someone else or some company advertizing material through the member’s blog. And the member will get paid depend on the quality of his review.

Now from this I start my intertest up. The site said there are lots of benefit when some company place his advertize material here, which is the company will get focus customer because he already read the review from someone else blog.

Even this kind of website is not the first in the world, but I think it’s the first in Indonesia. So lots of peoples or companies should try the ‘low cost’ advertizing in the

However I feel some lack found in the site. Right now you can not find appropriate HELP menu to start. Even though the menu is simple, but I find my self hard to determine, am I Publisher or Advertizer? I hope the owner will fix the HELP content so we can find lots of useful information about getting start.

Give it a shot!

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