the moving

Haleluja amen. Finally I have my own website. I m using wordpress 2.7, hosting to belongs to my friend mr. goenawan. so Thank God for His mercy on me, thanks to my friends the old and the future friend. All your help to my life is something that I can’t pay. Thanks to my mom, my sister, and especially to my love one. You always encourage me in good or bad. Thanks for your love.

I hope my website will give lots of advantages to others on knowledge of open sources or  giving a new value to the creation of others.

I really hope that you will give me a little support like suggestion or critics to my website and I apologize if my knowledge of building website is still nothing. And frankly I still use lots of wordpress template created by lots of creatives and generous person in the net. Thank you for you all.

Enjoy my site, and hope you can visit me more everyday.

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