cianjur cyber city

Cianjur is a small town but it has a wide residential areas. Approximately 350.148 km2 wide. The main power of life is in agriculture. But even agriculture is the most majority aspect, the information and technology is one of the government’s development area. Not all residential government uses computer and internet, but this kind of technology already proven to be important and useful. Especially in office’s work and administration. In the last few years the information technology through the internet already spread out and grow rapidly. You can see it in how many internet cafe in Cianjur in the last two years.

Mean while the information about the city still lack of numbers. Right now since January 2009 there is a new site called Cianjur Cyber City. cianjur,cianjur news,cianjur A site contains news about cianjur, global news, government news, information technology news and much more you can find inside. Here are some facitilies that you can find in the site:
1. Become news contributor (you will get free email)
2. Forum for anybody
3. Useful links
4. Statistic of this site
5. Commercial space, paid and free.
6. Jejak Pendapat (site review)
7. Translator to english or indonesia
8. Network Blogs
9. RSS Feed

Come to the site to find out more about Cianjur.

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