install slackware for dummies like me

Some of my friends told me that installing slackware is difficult. Well yes compare to other distros, slackware still using console based installation. Still does until the latest version of 12.2. But because of that I have a different opinion that the installation is fast enough. And there are lots of instructions about what to do. So I will tell you again how I installed slackware to my comp with my own language.

1. boot your computer to slackware’s cd installation
2. After the screen instruction stand by, press enter
3. Then appear Slackware login, just press enter
3. Let the slackware boot the installation code
4. In the prompt login, type root then enter. Exactly like the clue
5. Ok so far so good. We will begin our installation. First we have to create partition. Type the command
All we need as partition actually only two major partition. The main partition for slackware installation and swap partition. And I assume that your harddisk is still empty, no operating system inside.
6. Create the necessary partition. Remember for swap partititon size, use twice your memory size.
7. Label the first partition for installation with boot by pressing to boot menu. Click Write and Exit.
8. At the prompt, type setup
9. There are several installation menu appear. But some of the important part are
a. add swap (leave it that way, slackware will automatically read the swap partition)
b. add target (enter to this menu and choos the partition for slackware installation will be located)
c. After choosing the partition, slackware will ask you more question, it’s defining the other partition (if any) to be booted at the first boot. If you have another partition for data, choose it then write to the which directory that the partition will be defined. Example : to /mnt
10. Then you will see numbers of program that you can choose to install. But I really suggest you leave it that way. By default, slackware will install all the default option except for the KDE I language extra program. If you want to install it, then you will have your KDE in different language you may choose. I think slackware will take about 4.5 gb for a whole installation.
11. So you can wait for the slackware to install everything, you can leave your computer for a while just to have a cup of coffee or something. And you can back around 30-40 minutes vary on your processor speed.
12. After all the installation process finish, slackware will ask whether we are going to install the boot manager in MBR, root or what. Choose MBR if you don’t have any other operating system before.
13. If slackware ask you to enter root password, enter it, it will be useful later.
14. There you go, slackware will return to prompt with the messege to press ctrl+alt+del to reboot your computer.

Now you can proud to your self. You already finished your installation. After rebooting you will have your slackware with root username and the password you entered before. Find out a next article on first time setting for your slackware. See you later.

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