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When installing some program into Linux, there is a term called package installation program. This package means we can install some program without getting trouble of compiling with the unknown command. All you have to do just double click it and the program installed. The same method as Microsoft did.
In Slackware the package known as tgz package. Tgz is the indicator of the package at the end of the file. You can search the available package in slackware package repository like or But what we are going to do here is if there is no package available for your desire program so you have to create it by your self. It’s not so difficult.

The advantage of having package in installation is you can uninstall it easy and clean. Because installpkg record the installation file and directory into /var/log/packages.

First, after you have your installation file n some directory you need to compile it. There were another articles in about compiling program last year you can search for. The simple method of compiling is
#make install
But because we are going to create tgz package file, we need to do something on make install command.

Create a empty folder for placing the half made installation.
#mkdir tgzfolder

and type this command
#make install DESTDIR=/tgzfolder (or in any place u like)
#cd /tgzfolder

You will see in the tgzfolder there is another folder created. Usually usr/ folder or perhap several other depends to the program.
Still as a super root, let’s create the tgz file. Remember you have to stay inside the /tgzfolder
#makepkg tgzprogram.tgz

There will be at least two question appears asking whether you want to create a script link and remove symbolic link press no, and the other question is reset all the file to owner root or not, just click yes.

That’s all you will have tgzprogram.tgz and ready for install and uninstall.

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