new fupei – great improvement

I just browse checking fupei again today. There are lots of great improvement here. The funny thing about the mouse thing that I wrote before now it’s gone. The menu stay as it should be before I click with the mouse. That is good so I don’t have to run my mouse quite hard. Then I see something else, the event menu show a new display. It looks like a commenting out like comic. hehe hard to describe it. Well you should take a look by your self that’s for sure. Or try a new theme by your self. Changing the color or the background will be fun.

How ever I found something strange in Forum, I try to click on STAT menu. There is an error like this “Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /home/sloki/user/fupei/sites/ : eval()’d code on line 1”
Well this is wrong php script. I click on this menu cause I curious what it’s for. We’ll see if Fupeis can fix this.

Finally, I just realize that I only have 3 fupeis. Oh my… so I have to add my friends in fupei. Guys if you read this, and if you Indonesian please add me in Fupei in or rajamalingjagung hehe…

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