slackware 13 rc 1

Patrick Volkerding has announced that Slackware “Current”, the distribution’s development branch, has reached release candidate status: “The to-do isn’t entirely empty here, but it’s pretty much down to minor nits, and so we’re going to call this release candidate 1 and (mostly) freeze further updates unless they happen to fix problems. Regarding the kernel, 2.6.29.x has been well tested with this user space and seems like the best choice to ship for production use. Perhaps we can put something else (at least source and configurations) in /testing, though.”

See the complete changelog for further information regarding updates and changes. As always with Slackware, there are no official ISO images released for download, but unofficial weekly builds are available from (MD5): slackware-current-30_Jun_2009-DVD.iso (1,747MB), slackware64-current-30_Jun_2009-DVD.iso (1,682MB).

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