installing hp printer to slackware

Hewlet Packard (HP) is one of the great company that produces lots of electronic goods. One of them is printer. And HP is one of the first printer that support open source. This is what I like about this printer. You dont have to play hard to find such a driver for your linux. HP provides it.

Let say that I have a new hp deskjet 2566 printer that i plug it in to slackware 12.2. You will need some complete driver for it. Download it here. A complete tar ball. Or you can search it to HP website and search for your self.

Extract the tarball
#tar xvfz hplip-3.9.6b.tar.gz
enter to the directory

configure the installation with three easy steps”
1. #./configure
2. #make
3. #su -c “make install”

Install the printer with

But if your slackware asking for Qt4, download it here. And install it also.
Then try hp-setup again.

If you find a trouble, add your username to group lp in /etc/group
Hope it will help

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