virtual box emulator

Emulator or I call it virtual machine is a software that will copy your hardware environment. So you can install another system while you have your system running. And you don’t have resize or creating new partition on your harddisk.

The most famouse emulater the linuxer can use is virtual box. You must be remember Virtual machine that run under windows. Man this is like the copy of it. Just download the virtual vox here. And run it down to your slackware. Well, I use slackware in this case.

After finish the installation, the virtual box is ready to use with your kde desktop environment. Go to your Kde menu under system, you will find the shortcut menu right there.
The simple step to use it are like these:
1. New for creating new harddisk. Choose what kind of system that you would like to run. Whether the windows or linux, there are also solaris, bsd and IBM Os/2 if you need them. You can choose other if you dont know your system type.

2. Adjust the size, but remember your harddisk size. Don’t put a size too big, ask the google if you don’t know your system that you will install later

3. The important one is choosing Dynamically expanding storage. The fixed-size storage will limit your use of virtual hard disk if you want to install extra software into it.

4. Run the virtual harddisk that you just created. Remember to set the setting for cdroom boot if you want to install system from the cd.

Then you will have lots of operating system under your own system.

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