slackware 10 flash linux boot

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USB-based Distro Slackware-10 — w/ minimum “A” and “N” packages

o Linux-2.4.27 kernel config file
o Example rc.usb-stick to load the usb modules
o List of installed slackware-10 packages
o Requires the latest lilo-22.6

o To Install the minimum install Slackware-10.usb.tgz image
+ Uses 100MB of the 128MB USB memory stick
+ pick a filesystem that is immune to power failures ( hot-plug in and out )
msdos ( not vfat ) is best but it’s “not good” for linux per se
+ Simplified install
fdisk /dev/sda
mkreiserfs /dev/sda1
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb
cd /mnt/usb ; tar zxvfp slack-10.usb.tgz
chroot /mnt/usb lilo -v -C etc/lilo.usb.conf

o You can shrink it to under 50MB (installed) by removing the garbage

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