skype 2 beta for your slackware

Now I can a little relieve when I want to chat with voice, I can use skype. Skype can be installed in linux and microsoft. You can download it here.
After that put it everywhere you want and extract it. Remember I downloaded the static skype option rather than the dynamic one. I already try both. The dynamic installation still asking for libQt4… that I don’t have yet. So I try the static one and it didn’t need libQt4 something.

Extract the file

/home/user/#cd skype_static-

then you will find an execution file called skype. You may run it down by typing


Or you want it to be in your menu. Well, just right click on the menu, choose edit menu. Use some icon tool to add the link and put in under any menu you want. In the command bar, type /home/user/skype_static-

Then you will have a skype in your menu.

One thing that I like with skype is the voice chat. And I think the people who use it still grow.

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