Forcing Ubuntu 8.04 to use Printer HP Deskjet D2566

I discovered in that HP Deskjet D2566 printer does work with Ubuntu 8.04 above, but not in 7.10 till old version. Mean while my ubuntu 8.04 is using hplip 2.8.2. but the hp d2566 didn’t work. It recognized as Hp Deskjet D2500 but when I printed something, it just blinking.

So I m trying to using hplip 3.9.6b to run the printer. I installed it manually. So Hardy Heron needed some dependencies. So when running the file, make sure it connected to the internet.

I read in a blog, the minimum hplip program needed for hp deskjet d2566 is You might find it in here.

Start the installer with ./ and follow the instruction, including adding some dependencies. Don’t worry everything work automatically.

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