copy vcd – error cause multisession thing

I found the problem of copying the vcd movie file (mpeg or dat) into my harddisk using kde file browser or even in the console. After browsing for sometime I found out that it is because the multisession thing technology in vcd burning session that blocking the copy process.
Thanks to denic’s blog.

The main problem is that linux must mount the vcd in -t type for multisession known as cdfs. Unfortunately cdfs is not include in the linux program. Most of all even slackware the complete linux doesn’t have one.

You have to download cdfs first in right here.

Then install them into your slackware. By became a root and

installpkg cdfsfile.tgz

The package will be extracted to /usr/src/

cd /usr/src

and you will find a directory where the cdfs located.

insert the module into the memory (still as root user)

insmod cdfs.ko

finally load it as a static module.


Now this is how to use it

mount -t cdfs /dev/cdrom /home/folder

See in the /home/folder the file you want to copy. Copy it as you wish. Usually there will be several file called multisession thing mpeg. Try it one by one which one is the movie you want to copy.
Don’t forget to unmount the cdrom when you finish.

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