split large file into smaller file

I really really glad about slackware that i m using now. I m using slackware 12 but i can do lots of things with file. One of them is splitting file. I discovered this when I want to upload a large enough file into ziddu.com but always failed. Different with smaller file that I used to upload.

So I looked into google and found the command in linux command library. There’s a command in console mode (I don’t know if any in graphic mode) called split.

Here is the use of it in the console mode

#split –bytes=1m sourcefile outputfileprefix

–bytes option could be 1m (m means mega) or you can change it into k for kilo or b for byte or g for gigabyte. You can change bytes option with lines or else you can find in man split.
sourcefile is any file that you want to split.
outputfileprefix is the prefix that the command will use for splitted file. For example you have amarok.zip file that you want to split. The prefix is myfile. Then the output file will be myfilea, myfileb, myfilec and etc. See the a b c at the end of the prefix? They are the differ symbol.

So how to put it into a normal file?
Here is the command

#cat prefix* > anotherfile

Prefix is the prefix that I use earlier
another file is the complete output file.

Now I can upload the large file to ziddu perfectly.

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