Mobi in Slackware

Ever heard mobi? it’s mobile broadband internet from Mobile-8. It is Indonesian national provider. I used fren as my phone sim card. Now I would like to try Mobi, the special mobile-8 network for internet.
I bought the modem in Bandung Electronic Centre right to Mobile-8 center. For the price of Rp599.000 I got the modem, extra 100.000 bonuses, 10 free fren dual number package. Lot’s of bonuses but I can’t use them all.
Anyway I brought the modem back to Cianjur. But there was a problem. The modem hardware won’t detect cdma1x signal. So I resent it back to Mobile-8 centre and they said the modem should be reset again. After waiting for sometime the modem is okay.

I try to use it first in windows xp sp 2 because the software that the modem has is in windows mode. It worked great. Then here we go, I try to use it in slackware. My lovely open source program.

First open the KPPP program that already installed. The internet dial-up tools.
1. Click configure..
2. Go to modem section
3. Add the modem.
Now this is important. You may named your modem anything you like but must not mistake to choose modem device module like /dev/tty
You can find it out in the console by typing :

dmesg | grep tty

You will see the modem device connected to /dev/ttyACM0 or maybe in different computer you will have it differently. It could be /dev/tty0 or /dev/ttyUSB0. Don’t forget to plug in your mobi modem when trying to dmesg.
Leave the other setting by default.
4. Create account in account section.
5. Right here You only type in the dialed number that the mobi will dial. In this case the #777 is the dialed number.
6. Click ok and everything find. Type in the username and password in connect to dialog box.
And you can start your mobi.
And in Cianjur here this is the speed measurement.

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