Slackware 13 with mobi, kppp error exit 1

After successfully installed mobi in my notebook with slackware 13, finally I had to try it in my office’s pc. This is because my office internet is down until today. But the step I wrote before can’t connect, even the kppp show some error exit 1 and cannot login.

So what is the problem with it? Oh ya my office’s pc is connected to office’s Lan that connected to speedy. And it still connected when I plug the mobi in. After googling I found out that the kppp won’t login is because the kppp setting no need to authenticate. The setting located in /etc/ppp/options

Edit the options file, I m using terminal to edit it.
#nano /etc/ppp/options

Find the line #noauth , the line still had # sign. Remove it. And connect it again. And kppp now succesfully log in.
Or simply yo ucan download options file here and replace it to /etc/ppp/

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