Printer HP Deskjet 2566 reset

I have HP Desket D 2566 with new catridge. Since the earlier catridge is a test catridge, that only print a few paper. But After I printed about 200 pages, it went blink. I tried to look for the reseter. So far I know, the HP Printer doesn’t need to be reset. It will work normally even the same catridge is replaced.

But there is a few way for trying to reset it. Usually the led indicator will blinking at the same time. Especially the arrow led and the ink leds.
The Arrow led goes blinking also indicate that the catridge is gone error.
The left ink led means color catridge is empty and the right one means the black catridge is empty.

First way
1. Press Power button and cross button at the same time for about 5 second and release it.
2. Then try to print.

If it is not work, try this
1. Press power button and arrow button at the same time for about 5 second. Release it.
2. The printer will go off. Turn it on again and try to print.

Hope it will work for you.

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