route command – mobi cannot be used

I thought my mobi mobile 8 internet wireless will work perfectly in my slackware. Well, it is true on connecting the mobi to internet, but the computer can’t browsing. Connected but can’t ping or something. And in a few second the connection terminated by its self.

So I figured out, this is not about my account expire or something. But about something else that I don’ t know. After studying a while in google, then I checked the route command as suggested. And also check the connection with ifconfig.

Ifconfig printed something about ppp0 connected to the internet. But the route command show nothing about ppp0. Just eth0. So the problem located on the computer route to internet. It won’t route the internet from ppp0 to the computer.

The solution for this (as mentioned somewhere in google I forgot) I need to erase the default route from eth0 and put the route from ppp0.

#route del default
#route add default ppp0
Do it in root authorization.

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