Ubuntu 9.10 and monitor SPC 15″ Beyond

Funny thing about this monitor is its fail when installing ubuntu 9.10. Different with older series SPC like millenium. The ubuntu 9.10 did’nt detect it well. Especially when the ubuntu was installed using other monitor, it will go blank. In fact, direct install using this monitor will result the same blank. We need to trick it using other monitor.

Let’s say we have install the ubuntu using other monitor, now time to replace the monitor with Beyond. First we need to activate xorg.conf function that originally not there.

First we need to install xorg and xorg-dev
#sudo apt-get install xorg xorg-dev
then go to init 1
#sudo init 1
choose root or netroot
do this
#sudo Xorg -configure

It will create xorg.conf.new in the present directory
copy it to /etc/X11
#sudo cp xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf

edit the monitor line device section add with :
HorizSync 30-56
VertRefresh 50-150

Restart and change your monitor to beyond. It will work.

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