Upgrading wordpress to 2.9.1 manually

I was using wordpress 2.6 until someday I received notification that I could upgrade my wordpress to newest wordpress version, which is currently 2.9.1.
After days and weeks I received the notification I felt awful. Why don’t I try to upgrade it. So I pressed automatic upgrade. But failed. So I need to do it manually.

So I download the latest.tar.gz wordpress file, upload it through cpanel to my website. And press extract. There was bunch of folder created under wordpress folder. Now before I continued, I must backup some setting.

These are the file I backed up:

  1. wp-config.php
  2. wp-content folder, just in case everything went wrong. This is where the plugin, themes are located.
  3. backup my database. And I downloaded the backup to my comp.

Now we’re ready to upgrade. Well, actually this is exactly like copy paste the newest wordpress folder to the public_html folder. Copy these folder:

  1. wp-admin
  2. wp-include
  3. wp-content except for the themes and plugin, I used the old one

Finally run the http://website.name/wp-admin/install.php and follow the instruction like setting up wordpress for the first time. And that’s it. My wordpress is new with manual installation.

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