export – set Environment Variable (delete variable)

Sometime we need to add extra parameter environment when running or installing some program. Like I’ve been through here when installing netbeans. It needs java environment variable defined in memory. So the netbean will easily call for java function that located in /usr/lib/java (for example).

But I made some mistake when setting this variable. I put a command like this
#export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/java

The tutorial suggested differently. This is what I should do
#export JAVA_HOME
#export PATH=$JAVA_HOME:/usr/lib/java

I don’t know the different but when typing export command the JAVA_HOME didn’t loose. Even when I restarted the machine. Finally I found the manual for export command in linux.about.com how to erase the environment.

#export -n JAVA_HOME

And it disappeared.

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