Convert audio file ogg/wav to mp3 using audiokonverter

My friend asked me to convert his wav music cd into mp3, so he can put it in his hand phone to hear it. I m using slackware 13 and try to find what kind a software that I can use to convert.

Finally I found audiokonverter in for slackware 13. I downloaded there or you may download it directly here.

The file extension ended with txz. It is a new form of tgz file in slackware 13. It is the same actually but compressed more.

Then I installed the program in root username


#installpkg audiokonverter-5.9-x86-2as.txz

But it might ask for dependencies for it to run. I found it when try to execute the program. In my computer the dependencies are :









Please download them by clicking the link above.

After I installed all the dependencies I can run the audiokonverter. Now it is clear to me this software actually kde base program.

I run it this way in konsole


It shows the kde open dialog for searching the audio file. But when I click the audio file that I want to convert and press ok, it failed and back to the console with this error

/usr/bin/audioconvert4: line 743: audioconvert: command not found

So I try a pure konsole mode command with this

#audioconvert4 audiofile.wav

Now the dialog box different, it asked for the place where I should put the result. And then another dialog box asking the format I want it and the frequency and stereo if any. Choose what you prefer.

Then music is converted and the result is really nice.

The error in line 743 need some change. But I don’t know how. As long as my way above still work, I ‘ll be fine.

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