Slackware 13th upgrade installation

From the beginning of the Slackware 13th’s launching, I was curious. What its looks like. Especially Kde that everyone are expected. It is said that kde 4 have more visual effect than kde 3. So after bore with slackware 12.2 I decided to upgrade my slackware with the 13.

But I did clean install after backing up some important setting that I might use it later. Amazing the installation only took 20 minutes. I forgot how long the 12.2 did take. But this is fast.

Okay I will wrote here about how I installed slackware in my Pentium 4 Machine with 256 savage vga with 1Gb memory DDR1.

1. First backup my data, insert the slackware cd and here we go.
2. The installation is exactly the same with the earlier slackware. it still use the console mode installation. So keep up with the username of root and type setting in the terminal
3. Configure your hard drive partition as you want

4. And then let the installation run as it is.
5. After the installation finished, reboot, and configure some setting.
6. Slackware 13 doesn’t use xorg.conf anymore as it xorg vga setting. But you can use it if you want. Especially if you have specific vga driver.
To appeal the xorg.conf do this command in root user
#Xorg -configure
7. copy the xorg.conf in your directory to /etc/X11/
#cp xorg.conf /etc/X11
8. Modify as necessary

good luck.

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