easy way to block facebook

As an administrator I m quite bother with the asking of my manager to block access to facebook. She wants to restrict access of her employee in working hour to facebook. Facebook has a negative effect to several people.

So I can block it in the squid like lots of blog and website wrote, but it will stay pass when the user type in https://www.facebook.com. A little trouble to them but they persisted to do refresh thing. And if I block https, all email and login thing to any website like yahoo web base mail will be blocked too. In the search result I did, there is no way to filter https.

So there is a simple way to block facebook. By typing this parameter inside the client’s computer. Of course I have to do it secretly. Means nobody know what I m doing. This method could be used in microsoft and linux. But I will write the how in linux.

The method is editing the /etc/hosts file. And add this : www.facebook.com

In Ubuntu
#sudo nano /etc/hosts and add above parameter.

And it worked. The facebook blocked in that client’s computer. So I improvise with crontab command. So it will run in certain hour. But I won’t write it down here. It is a secret. Contact me private if you want to know more.

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