OpenOffice3 automatic Backup location

Ever losing your data while you type in openoffice because your computer suddenly restarted or shut down??
If you keep the default setting of the open office, it will always save your open file (edited file) in the backup folder. Or if you change the setting a little bit to create a backup while you save the file, it will save backup file too.

How? this is how.
# From the pull down menus, select Tools -> Options
# From the file tree, select General -> Save
# Click the checkbox for ‘Always save backup copy’
# Click the checkbox for ‘Autosave.’ The default is set for every 15 minutes. Specify an alternate number if desired.

And now the important thing the backup file location. You can manually restore the backup file by copying the backup file to your home directory. This is where open office put auto backup files :
#ls ~/
to copy
#cp /home/user/

Now we can take a deep breath to know that you won’t type back your document.

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