Format your flash drive in linux console

Okay what I mean here is doing it through the konsole typing command. It is quite cool.
First plug the flash drive usb to your computer, and you will see there is a pop up folder coming up. But sometime it is not come up but don’t worry, check to your file manager and you should see your flash drive there. Or to check it in konsole, type this


if you see some like sda or hda, your flash is connected.
Now but we won’t mount it to anywhere. We will unmount it if you already open the flash by no mean.

$unmount /dev/sda

But please do it in root priviledge by entering su command and fill the password.
First create the table partition,

$cfdisk /dev/sda

Find out how to delete all the partition exist and replace it with the partition that we want, then choose the format (ext3, ext4 or fat 32). Save it.
Format the flash, for ext3

$mkfs.ext3 /dev/sda

Change the ext3 with ext4 if you use ext4 partition type.

$mkdosfs -F 32 /dev/sda

This is for fat32 partition type.
We can see some progress indicator right there, and then all your flash is formatted.

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