iso slackware 13.1 in flash drive

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Installing Slackware using USB thumb drive

1. Download the slackware 13.1 iso that we can download it here.
2. Wait until it finish, then mount it as a directory:
#mount -o loop {file iso} {the mount directory}
Ex: #mount -o loop /home/user/slackware-13-1.iso /mnt/iso.
3. Take a look into the mounted folder and find for the folder usb-and-pxe-installers.
Ex : cd /mnt/iso/usb-pxe-installers
4. Then type this command :
$ ./ -f -s {file iso slackware} -o {flash drive device}
Ex: $ ./ -f -s /home/user/slackware-13-1.iso -o /dev/sdb
Beware of the command, basically it will erase everything inside the flash. So make sure it’s empty.
5. Restart the computer. Boot into the flash disk
6. And do this
$ mkdir /mnt/source
Ex : mkdir /usbinstall
Next, mount -t vfat -o ro,shortname=mixed {drive flash disk} {the folder}
Ex : mount -t vfat -o ro,shortname=mixed /dev/sdb1 /usbinstall
7. Click setup, in the source section choose pre-mounted directory. It will show us the /usbinstall directory
8. Continue the installation like usual.
It will work into netbook that has no cdrom drive.

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